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Mako Nagasawa

Director of NHI

Boston, MA


Mako grew up in Cerritos, CA and went north to Stanford, where he studied Industrial Engineering and Public Policy, with a focus on education.  He worked at Intel Corp for 6 years while serving a Spanish-speaking ministry to Mexican immigrants in East Palo Alto, CA.  He married Ming in May, 1999 and left the Golden State for Boston, MA.  He then worked for two startup companies trying to bring technology and jobs to inner city communities.  Since 1999, Mako, Ming, and their two children John and Zoe have lived among friends in a Christian intentional community house in a mostly black neighborhood in Dorchester.  They enjoy their current church, Rescued Church Boston, and do urban community gardening.  Mako co-authored the Lazarus at the Gate economic discipleship curriculum with Dr. Gary VanderPol.  He is currently working on Christian Restorative Justice curricula focusing on our use of political power, and combining it with being engaging to non-Christians, beginning with Restoring the Captives: A Christian Study and Action Guide to Michelle Alexander's New Jim Crow.  He contributed to the Justice Study Bible as a commentator on Ezekiel.  Mako has done campus ministry since 2001 and founded NHI in 2014.  In addition to Christian ethics, theology, biblical studies, and early church history, Mako enjoys food, tea, and stories from around the world.   He misses the Pacific Ocean.






Cara Garrity

Somerville & Medford, MA


Cara grew up in Lynn, MA and went to Tufts University.  An avid piano and flute player, played both in her senior recital which she called That I Am.  She graduated in 2014 with a degree in Music and hopes to one day combine music therapy and ministry.  Before joining NHI, Cara worked for Camp Cedarbrook in Maine doing youth ministry and managing operations.  She is working towards an M.Div. degree at Grace Seminary, with Grace Communion International, where she especially enjoys biblical studies.  She is also a pastoral intern at her church, Grace Christian Church in Waltham, MA.  Cara likes to sing, sip tea, read Harry Potter, and hang out with her dog and two kittens.







Eddie Lowe

Princeton, NJ


Eddie grew up in Marlborough, MA and went to Tufts University.  He studied Biology and Spanish, and particularly enjoyed studying abroad in Peru and translating a book by theologian C. Baxter Kruger from English to Spanish.  Before Eddie graduated from Tufts in 2015, he cut his hair, became a commissioned officer in ROTC, and mastered Crossfit workouts.  He is working towards an M.Div. degree at Princeton Seminary.  He hopes to become an ordained minister in Grace Communion International and a chaplain in the U.S. Army.  His favorite theological authors are Karl Barth and T.F. Torrance, and he loves talking about his own Irish roots. 








Sangwon Yang

Raleigh & Durham, NC


Sang grew up in Staten Island, NY.  He arrived at Boston College as an aspiring Pre-Med, and graduated in 2014 with a degree in Theology.  Sang enjoyed ministry and theology so much as an undergrad, he went to Duke Divinity School to meet scholars like Stanley Hauerwas, Douglas Campbell, and J. Kameron Carter.  (And N.T. Wright when he visits.)  Along the way, he may pick up a Ph.D. focused on philosophical theology.  Sang enjoys talking about Thomas Aquinas, Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings, the examples of restorative justice that he saw in post-civil war northern Uganda, and issues of race and culture.     








Tim & Tiffany Catchim

Nashville, TN


Tim and his wife Tiffany are currently planting a church called OneLife in Nashville TN, and are super excited about being a part of NHIís team. Tim and Tiffany value leading together as a team and, since getting married in 2003, are still learning new ways to synergize around each otherís unique gifts.  


Tim was raised in the Washington D.C. metropolitan area. He enjoys hiking, playing basketball, reading, and a good sci-fi movie. He graduated from Faulkner University in 1997 with a B.A. in Biblical Studies, and as someone with a pioneering spirit, he has consistently focused his entrepreneurial skills and sensibilities toward starting new kingdom ventures. Tim is passionate about the medical substitution model of the atonement and how it shapes our approach to discipleship, community, and mission.


Tiffany grew up in Montgomery, AL where she was actively involved in mentoring teenagers and adults in under-resourced urban neighborhoods. After receiving her degree in social work, she began focusing her experience and training around empowering women in their callings for ministry. Tiffany is passionate about efforts related to social justice and sustainability, and enjoys outdoor activities, music, and photography.