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Areas of Ministry



NHI coordinates a network of ministry practitioners; check it out and consider joining


NHI resources churches, pastors, lay leaders, and seminary professors:


Dishon Mills, pastor, Grace Christian Church Waltham


Timothy J. Brassell, pastor, New Life Fellowship Baltimore


Jeff McSwain, founder, Reality Ministries


Praxis Gathering, V3 Church Planting Network


Mark D. Baker, Professor of Mission and Theology,

Fresno Pacific Biblical Seminary 

College Students

NHI resources college students


Students, please see our ethics and principles.

Please read this spotlight on the value of transparency.


NHI resources college students in the following areas:


Greater Boston, MA Area







Princeton, NJ








Raleigh-Durham, NC Area








Nashville, TN Area

A mural done in the Catacombs of Rome by Christians sometime before 400 AD.  This is called Christ Healing a Bleeding Woman, drawn from the story told in Matthew 9:18 - 26, Mark 5:21 - 43, and Luke 8:40 - 56 where a bleeding woman touches the hem of Jesus' garment, symbolizing his authority.  This is significant because it is an example of early Christian art, because it portrays physical healing as a symbol of salvation, and also because it, among other Christian visual art and literature, demonstrates the attention given to Jesus' interactions with women.


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