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Campus Ministry Ethics and Principles



NHI will have consistent operating principles. For the sake of loving students well, and for consistency across campus staff, NHI is committed to a staff and student partnership along the following lines. If student leaders are committed to the NHI doctrinal statement, then:


• Staff are committed to doing evangelism, mentoring, advising student leadership teams, and teaching Scripture, Christian theology, and ethics.


• Staff and students may refer to the NHI doctrinal statement, not as a replacement for Scripture, but as a way to tell the story of early Christian theology and reflection on Scripture.


• Staff will advise student leadership teams, present opinions, and offer help, but are committed to letting the student leaders make decisions about on-campus strategies involving the whole fellowship. We believe this will lead to good decisions about contextualizing the ministry to each campus context, or a specific context within the campus. We believe that student leaders will best understand the relational impacts of any decisions they make on behalf of the fellowship.


• Staff, in our encouragement and teaching, will respect the distinction between kingdom values and the possible expressions of those values.  We do not want to be overly prescriptive or narrow in our applications, but we do want to call clearly for Jesus' kingdom values.


• Staff will not begin dating relationships with students.


• Staff will not drink alcohol with students present, except on special, public occasions like weddings.


• Staff will give written and email copies of this document to students, and make known to student leaders how to contact NHI supervisors, to express any positive or negative feedback about events or staff at any time. Student feedback is always welcomed.


• NHI will keep an online evaluation resource of NHI staff, local pastors, and other resource people to assess the strengths and weaknesses of various speakers, messages, and curricula. This will be similar to college students’ reviews of their college professors and classes. Student input will be very welcome. The goal is to increase student visibility into speaker, message, and curriculum options.


• NHI will publish an annual summary of staff development areas. NHI will take seriously the development of staff skills at preaching or cross-cultural competency; knowledge of Scripture, theology, church history, comparative religion, ethics; evangelism; even cooking or musical ability if appropriate to the campus; etc. The goal is to help students and other ministry partners know that their feedback is taken seriously, and to demonstrate that staff development is a high priority because the most important gift that we offer students is high quality campus ministry staff.


The above may become more specific as NHI grows and develops. Any updates will be published regularly and clearly. The goal is to have consistency across various campuses in regards to the staff-student partnership.