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Mural of Christ calling Simon Peter, from the Basilica of Saint Apollinaris in Classe, Ravenna, Italy, which was built at the beginning of the 6th century.  Photo credit: Lawrence OP, Creative Commons.

NHI Resources on Medical Substitutionary Atonement and Evangelism


Jesus Saves Us From What?  Integration of Motifs in Evangelism Training (chart comparing atonement theories and their implications for evangelism)


Evangelism With the New Humanity Paradigm (training module)


Evangelism Diagram of the New Humanity Paradigm (diagram)


Adventures in Conversation

Human Nature Series

(NHI blog)


#1: Postmodern Skeptic

(Nov 3, 2015)


#2: Social Activist

(Nov 5, 2015)


#3: Muslim

(Nov 7, 2015)


#4: Evolutionist

(Nov 8, 2015)


#5: Apathetic Dawdler

(Nov 10, 2015)


#6: Academic Activist

(Nov 12, 2015)


#7: Gay Friend

(Nov 19, 2015) 

Adventures in Conversation

Good and Evil Series

(NHI blog)


#1: Been Hurt

(Nov 21, 2015)


#2: Cultural Relativist

(Nov 23, 2015)


#3: Strong Critic

(Nov 25, 2015)

Adventures in Conversation

Character of God Series

(NHI blog)


#1: Deist

(Dec 1, 2015)


#2: Wandering Ex-Church Goer

(Dec 3, 2015)

NHI Resources on Medical Substitutionary Atonement and Evangelism Through Story


(shorter presentation; 50 - 60 minutes)

Tolkien was writing an equivalent to an "Old Testament" which he thought existed among the Angles (English) before Christian faith was preached to them.  There is also a longer 2 hour presentation that I broke up into four files:  part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4

(40 minute presentation)

A fun exploration of J.K. Rowling's reliance on Christian motifs and the biblical plot arc

(45 - 60 minute presentation)

A fun exploration of the movie as social commentary, reliance on actual history affected by Christian faith, and concepts of good and evil which are ultimately theological

Illustrations of the Atonement


Illustrations of Sin as Self-Harm to Human Nature


Medical Substitutionary Atonement, Personal Healing, and Social Justice

 A presentation given at the Honor-Shame Conference 2017, a gathering of missionaries, scholars, and ministry practitioners

These are resources about the historical basis for Jesus' resurrection, as well as its central meaning: God is giving us a new humanity to undo the problem of human evil.

Other Resources on Medical Substitutionary Atonement and Evangelism


Brad Jersak, The Gospel in Chairs 

(video, Oct 24, 2013)


Religion to Reason, If Man Forgave Like God: Penal Substitution Atonement Theory 

(Religion to Reason, Aug 9, 2016)

5 minute video, humorous but raises good points

Part of a series on: