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Agathon of Homs(Emesa, Syria)

(~1050 - 1150 AD)

"Agathon was an Orthodox Arab, bilingual in both Arabic and Greek. His ability to cite the Church Fathers (Dionysius the Areopagite is his favorite) and his remarkable capacity for complex theological reflection are an eloquent testimony to his training... Probably on account of his fame as a theologian as well as, presumably, his social prestige in Antioch, a delegation from Homs appealed to him to become bishop of their city." (Alexander Treiger, "Sulayman al-Ghazzi," edited by Samuel Noble and Alexander Treiger, ch.9 of

(Amazon book, 2014). Agathon resigned from the bishop's seat, because he believed the other clergy in Homs were corrupt. Sadly, corruption was increasingly common, as Muslim rulers collected bribes from Christians for placement in clerical posts.


Agathon of Homs, Letter of Protest, in Defense of His Resignation

says, "I, the unworthy and wretched sinner, ask Christ our Lord and true God, the Savior of all creation, who redeemed us with His blood, healed us with His passion, and bequeathed to us the Kingdom in His compassion and mercy, to guide me and all those who believe in Him to the true path, the path that is bright and narrow, sorrowful and hard, divine and Christian, leading unto life." (italics mine)

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