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How Storytelling and Song Help Us Interpret Scripture


Mike Klimo, Ring Theory: The Hidden Artistry of the Star Wars Prequels (Star Wars Ring Theory, Oct 31, 2014) a lengthy but entertaining example of a chiasmus


Frederic Limon, The Big Mistake in the Second (and Third) Hobbit Movies (video, Oct 24, 2014) makes a great observation about how music works in film which explains how literary allusions work in literature, including Scripture


Screen Rant, Movies with Hidden Details in First and Final Scenes (youtube video, Aug 20, 2015) a helpful interpretive device


Vox, Rapping Deconstructed: The Best Rhymers of All Time (Vox, May 19, 2016) a great 12 minute video explaining beats, bar lines, rhymes, implied words, and story - similar to Hebrew word play, alliteration, implied meanings, conceptual rhyming


Michael Tucker, The Dark Knight ó Creating the Ultimate Antagonist (Lessons from the Screenplay, Aug 23, 2016) the weakness in the protagonist drives the story; this is similar to the biblical story as a whole, and often particular biblical stories 


Michael Tucker, Rogue One vs. The Force Awakens ó The Fault in Our Star Wars (Lessons from the Screenplay, Apr 30, 2017) about passive vs. active protagonists which also applies to characterization in the biblical narratives


Eric Voss, Wonder Woman Theme - Why It Evokes Intense Power (New Rockstars, Jun 9, 2017) how the soundtrack background influences the foreground action; similar to literary allusions in the background of biblical passages


Sam Adams and Forrest Wickman, A Guide to The Last Jediís References to Other (Non-Star Wars) Movies (Slate, Dec 19, 2017) on how movies use other movies as material for allusions

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