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Leaders' Notes



Supporting the Needy Kid:

Do We Care About Every Child?

(Genesis 1 - 11)



Financing Schools for New Kids:

Do We Invest in Our Children?

(Leviticus 25)



Fairness for New Kids:

Can We Undo Residential Segregation?

(Isaiah 2:1 - 4; 5:7 - 8; Micah 2:1 - 2; 4:1 - 4)



Can We Fire Needy Students?

A Controversial Aspect of Charter Schools and the Business Mindset

(Genesis 41 - 50 selections, Daniel 4:27 - 28)



Being There for New Kids:

Can We Redirect the School-to-Prison Pipeline? 

(Isaiah 59:1 - 21; Romans 11:26 - 27)



Are Teachers Our Gifts to Students?

Career Professionals or Just Revolving Adjuncts? 



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Resources on education, mostly in the American context.  This is part of a series on The Question of Politics and Christian Restorative Justice.


Resources on the problems of racial issues related to schooling and the opportunity gap.  This is part of a series on The Question of Race and Jesus' New Humanity.


the sociological uniqueness of the Old Testament

used throughout this curriculum