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Criminality, Scapegoating, and Retribution vs. Restoration

(TNJC ch.1, Genesis 3)



The Lockdown

(TNJC ch.2, Leviticus 24:17 - 22 vs.

Code of Hammurabi on equal human rights)



The Color of Justice

(TNJC ch.3, Jewish Law vs.

Western Law on torture and self-incrimination)



The Restoration of Dignity

(TNJC ch.4, Leviticus 25:1 - 55)



How God Restores Our Human Dignity

(Leviticus 25:1 - 55)



Some Problems With Prisons

(Luke 4:1 - 21)



Considering Drug Regulation vs. Criminalization

(Isaiah 59:1 - 21) 

Related Resources


(Amazon book, 1996)

An account of the role Calvinist theology played in producing a God of retributive justice - and retributive sentencing - wherever it went. A minority of Calvin scholars argue that Calvin's Institutes can be read as not supporting retributive justice. While I remain skeptical, the tradition is unambiguously retributive.


(Amazon book, Nov 17, 1999)


(Amazon book, Nov 29, 2000)


(Amazon book, 2001)


(Amazon book, 2008)

A sobering account of how Western Christians developed the blood theory of race, taking biblical Israel as a "race" when in reality it was a multi-ethnic faith community; important for Christians to own


(Amazon book, 2008)


(Amazon book, 2010)

A brilliant storytelling of key encounters between Western Christians and African and Native American people; important for Christians to own since colonialism and race (with natural science) went together


(Amazon book, 2010) and Youtube audiobook

Bestselling diagnosis of how constitutional protections and early Supreme Court precedents have evaporated because of the War on Drugs. See also Greg Thomas, Why Some People Like the New Jim Crow So Much (blog, Apr 26, 2012), for Malcolm X style criticism of Alexander's TNJC which is more expansive than her constitutional argument about procedural justice.


(Amazon book, Aug 31, 2011)

Examines the criminal justice system in broader perspective: different budgetary and funding incentives for law enforcement agencies; the role of the prosecutor; pivotal Supreme Court cases that made racial discrimination acceptable; etc.


(Amazon book, 2012)


(Amazon book, 2014)


(Amazon book, 2014) 


(Amazon book, Jun 10, 2015) 


(Harvard Divinity School, Oct 19 - 20, 2017)


(Amazon book, Feb 6, 2018)


Resources on criminal justice and reform


Resources on various topics related to race


the sociological uniqueness of the Old Testament

used throughout this curriculum