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Illuminated manuscripts of the Irish Book of Kells, believed to date to circa 800 AD, widely regarded to be Ireland's finest national treasure. Pictured are the first page of the Gospel of Luke (left), and a portrait of Christ enthroned (right). The Book of Kells is a Latin translation of the Four Gospels with various prefaces and tables. It takes its name from the Abbey of Kells, which was its home for centuries.  Photo credit: (left and right) Treasures of Irish Art, Wikimedia Commons. 

Messages on

the Gospel of Luke and Acts


Luke 3:1 - 20 

Get Ready to Meet the King
Luke 5:1 - 11 Jesus Makes Us Kingdom Builders
Luke 5:12 - 16 The Touch of Jesus
Luke 6:1 - 11 Jesus Completes Us
Luke 6:27 - 36 Jesus' Radical Ethics:  Generosity, not Hoarding
Luke 7:1 - 10 The Power of Jesusí Word
Luke 8:26 - 39 Listening to Too Many Voices
Luke 8:40 - 56 A Tale of Two Daughters

Luke 9:51 - 62

Jesus First! 
Luke 11:1 - 13 The Father's Eagerness to Answer Our Prayers
Luke 11:1 - 13 How the Father Gives (BC 2015)
Luke 12:13 - 34 Kingdom Significance, not Security
Luke 13:17 - 21  The Kingdom You No Longer Want (and ppts) a sermon given on August 13, 2017, one day after the Charlottesville, VA white supremacist march
Luke 14:1 - 11 This Party Isn't About You
Luke 14:12 - 14 The Importance of Being Inclusive
Luke 14:15 - 35 The Party You Don't Want to Miss
Luke 15:1 - 10 Rejoicing, not Grumbling, at Outreach
Luke 15:11 - 32 A Tale of Two Sons
Luke 15:11 - 32 How the Father Looks (BC 2015)

Luke 19:1 - 10

Racism, Wealth, and Power
Luke 24:13 - 53 Tell the Jesus Story

Acts 3:1 - 10

What To Do With a Harvard Education
Acts 3:11 - 4:12 A Resurrected Jesus in the Midst of Dead Heroes
Acts 10 - 11 The Outreach to the Gentiles Begins
Acts 17:15 - 34 The God People Have Already Experienced

Acts 17:15 - 34

The Engagement of Stories
Acts 17:15 - 34 The Rehumanization of Humanity
Acts 19:1 - 41 The Gospel Divides Ephesus

Thematic Study

The Holy Spirit and Speech: Having Something to Say (ppt)
Thematic Study The Theme of Eating: Return to the Banquet Table

Small Group Leader Notes on

the Gospel of Luke and Acts


Luke 3:1 - 20 

Prepare to Meet the King

Luke 3:21 - 4:13 Jesus the New Human Being
Luke 4:14 - 30 The First Synagogue Rejection: Enemies?
Luke 4:31 - 44 The Second Synagogue Rejection: Others?
Luke 4:14 - 44 Two Ways to Reject Jesus
Luke 5:1 - 16 The Two Who Fell at Jesus' Feet
Luke 5:17 - 32 The Two Who Rose at Jesus' Call
Luke 5:27 - 39 The Two Responses to Jesus' Healing Humanity
Luke 6:1 - 11 The Two Signs that Jesus Completes Humanity
Luke 6:12 - 36 Jesus' Definition of Blessedness: Loving Others
Luke 6:37 - 49 Jesus' Definition of Blessedness: Healing, not Judging
Luke 7:1 - 17 The Power of Jesus' Word and the Two Who Escaped Death
Luke 7:18 - 35 Two Responses to Jesus' Kingdom
Luke 7:36 - 50 The Two Party Hosts: Two Responses to Jesus' Forgiveness
Luke 8:1 - 21 What Type of Heart Do You Have?
Luke 8:22 - 25 Jesus Crosses the Sea, Calms the Storm
Luke 8:26 - 39 The Liberation of the Demoniac:  Listening to Too Many Voices
Luke 8:40 - 56 A Tale of Two Daughters
Luke 9:1 - 17 A Taste of Kingdom Mission and Responsibility
Luke 9:18 - 50 Who Do You Say Jesus Is?
Luke 9:51 - 62 Jesus Recruits for the Second Sending
Luke 10:1 - 24 The Mission of the Seventy
Luke 10:25 - 42 Jesus' Redefining of Loving Neighbor, Loving God
Luke 10:25 - 37 Jesus' Path to Eternal Life
Luke 10:38 - 42 A Tale of Two Sisters
Luke 11:1 - 13 The Prayers God Answers, Part 1:  For Others and for the Spirit
Luke 11:14 - 32 How Jesus Authenticates Himself
Luke 11:33 - 54 Jesus Claims Your Whole Person, Inside and Out
Luke 12:1 - 12 The Dangers of Hypocrisy
Luke 12:13 - 34 Jesus' Call to Give Generously
Luke 12:35 - 53 The Coming of the King to His City
Luke 12:54 - 13:9 The City That Resists its King

Luke 13:10 - 35

The Kingdom You No Longer Like, the Capital You'll No Longer Have
Luke 14:1 - 11 Jesus' Vision of the Kingdom Banquet: This Party Isn't About You
Luke 14:12 - 14 Jesus' Vision of the Kingdom Banquet: The Importance of Being Inclusive
Luke 14:15 - 35 Jesus' Vision of the Kingdom Banquet: You Don't Want to Miss this Party
Luke 15:1 - 10 The Two Parables of the Lost Things
Luke 15:11 - 32 The Parable of the Two Lost Sons
Luke 16:1 - 13 How to Use Unrighteous Money: The Servant Jesus Looks For
Luke 16:14 - 31 Rich Man, Poor Man
Luke 17:1 - 10 Jesus' Call to Servanthood
Luke 17:11 - 37 Jesus Predicts the Fall of the Temple

Luke 18:1 - 14

The Prayers God Answers, Part 2: For Vindication and for Humility
Luke 18:15 - 19:10 Rich Man, Rich Man: The Sign of New Birth is Generosity
Luke 19:11 - 27 Jesus' Kingdom Requires Our Investment
Luke 19:28 - 44 The Premature Celebration
Luke 19:45 - 20:19 The Return of the King
Luke 20:20 - 21:4 Jesus Challenged but Triumphant
Luke 21:5 - 38 The Temple's Doom
Luke 22:1 - 30 Jesus Prepares a New Exodus
Luke 22:31 - 24:51 Jesus Divides All Humanity
Luke 22:31 - 62 Seeing Yourself Clearly in the Darkness
Luke 22:63 - 23:25 The Rejection of the King
Luke 23:26 - 24:12 A Light Shines in the Darkness
Luke 24:13 - 53 Tell the Jesus Story!
Thematic Study

The Theme of Fire in Luke - Acts

A Literary and Thematic Approach to

the Gospel of Luke and Acts


Part 1

Hearing and Speaking:

Becoming Servants of the Word


Internalizing Jesus' Word: Forming a Spiritual Identity


The Holy Spirit and Speech: Having Something to Say (and ppts)


The Fulfillment of Israel's Scriptures: Telling the Great Story


The Question of Tongues: Struggling for Coherence



Part 2

Reaching All Humanity Across the Divides:

Race, Gender, and Wealth


Table Fellowship: Eating Together and Enacting Jesus' Kingdom


Jews and Abrahamís Family: Choosing the Chosen People


Samaritans: Finding a Home for the Marginalized


Gentiles: Embracing the Outsider Community


Women: Women Restored, Women Restoring


The Poor: More Than Just Preaching to Them



Part 3

Dividing All Humanity:

Calling for Repentance


The Theme of Fire in Luke - Acts


From Materialism: Gaining What is Truly Valuable


From Traditional Family Values: New Family, New Allegiance


From Blind Spots: Having True Spiritual Sight


From Ethnocentrism:  Weathering Oppression Without Becoming Ethnocentric



Part 4

Jesus and Other Kings:

Confronting the Powers


Jesus is Our True King: Confronting Political Powers


Satan and Spiritual Warfare: Confronting Spiritual Powers


Despite Persecution and Conflict: Enduring Hardship


From Jerusalem Outward: Remembering We Are Not the Center  

Notes and Essays on

the Gospel of Luke and Acts


The Art of Biblical Narrative: Special Focus on Luke-Acts


The Prophecy of Isaiah in Luke - Acts


Lukeís Literary Engagement with the Old Testament:

Intertextuality and Lukan Scholarship


An Exegesis of Luke 16:

Literary Analysis and Traditional Exegesis


Lukeís Theme of Wealth:

Intertextuality and Christian Ethics


Jesus Restores Us to Paradise: 

Chiastic Outline of Luke 22 - 24


An Analysis of Water Baptism: 

Why Water Baptism is Not Necessary for Salvation


An Experiment in Literary Analysis: 

Paul's Testimony Told Three Times

Helpful Books and Articles on

the Gospel of Luke


Robert Alter and Frank Kermode, The Literary Guide to the Bible (Amazon book, Sep 1, 1990) and pdf book has helpful insights into the Gospels


Robert Tannehill, The Narrative Unity of Luke-Acts, Volumes 1 and 2 (Amazon book, Sep 1, 1991) and pdf book is an excellent literary treatment of Luke that helps with all narrative, including Matthew


N.T. Wright, The New Testament and the People of God (Amazon book, Sep 1992) has valuable historical context, and high level survey of Matthew


Gary Burge, Reading Luke Through Latin-American Eyes (Christianity Today, Apr 16, 2015) an interview with historian Dr. Justo Gonzalez


Kezia, Alternative Nativity (blog, Dec 21, 2015) juxtaposing Gospel birth passages with photographs of Syrian refugees; thought provoking