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The prophet Samuel anoints David to be king over Israel, from a painting on the wall of a Jewish synagogue in Dura Europos, Syria, in the 3rd century AD. Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons, Yale Gilman Collection.

Small Group Leader Notes

on the Book of Samuel


1 Samuel 16

Anointing Doesn't Mean Instant Authority
1 Samuel 17 Standing Up and Standing In
1 Samuel 18 - 19 Learning About Mediation By Benefiting From It
1 Samuel 20 No Divided Loyalties
1 Samuel 21 - 22 When the Mantle Passes to You
1 Samuel 23 - 24 Peace at Last?
1 Samuel 25 A Woman to Match the King
2 Samuel 1 The Bittersweet Victory
2 Samuel 5 - 6 David's Mistake #1: Pride and Restoration
Samuel & Psalms Life & Psalms of David

Notes and Essays on

on the Book of Samuel


The Troubling Acts of God: 

Did God or Satan Make David Sin? (2 Samuel 24 and 1 Chronicles 21)


A Literary-Thematic Analysis: 

Praying with the Linen Ephod


A Literary-Thematic Analysis: 

The Three Best Looking Men of Their Generations


A Literary-Thematic Analysis:

The Book of Samuel as the Reversal of the Book of Genesis



Michelangelo's sculpture of David, carrying the sling by which he defeated Goliath