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These resources are organized by Dishon Mills (pastor of Grace Christian Church) and Mako Nagasawa (director of NHI) for pastors, preachers, and small group leaders in Grace Communion International. The idea grew out of our friendship, ministry partnership, and shared passion for good theology. This website also hosts messages and small group leader notes, Christian ethics curriculum for small groups, and explorations of healing atonement and the Triune God. If you find these resources helpful, please consider donating to help NHI continue developing and offering them.

Expository Preaching: Constructing a Sermon

for first time preachers, and more

experienced preachers wanting to develop

Bible Study Tools for Personal Study

for going deeper into the meaning

of biblical narrative and poetry, especially

Selecting Illustrations, Analogies, Stories

for selecting stories to fit your point


How to Motivate People

languages of motivation and how to use them -

why homiletics must rest on an ethical and theological foundation

Training Paradigms to Use While Preaching

when you preach in order to train others

in practical skills

Sample Evangelistic Sermons

examples of how the healing atonement theology

speaks to Christians and non-Christians alike

Wedding Sermons

weaving the narrative of the couple's love story

into the story of Jesus' love for us

Topics Relevant for Church Community Life

example sermons on commonly preached topics