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These resources are organized by Dishon Mills (pastor of Grace Christian Church) and Mako Nagasawa (director of NHI) for pastors, preachers, and small group leaders in Grace Communion International. The idea grew out of our friendship, ministry partnership, and shared passion for good theology. This website also hosts messages and small group leader notes, Christian ethics curriculum for small groups, and explorations of healing atonement and the Triune God. If you find these resources helpful, please consider donating to help NHI continue developing and offering them.

Crafting Sermons


Expository Preaching:  Constructing a Sermon

for first time preachers, and more

experienced preachers wanting to develop


The Basic Paradigm for First Time Preachers: The Arrow


Expository Preaching Case Study: Ephesians 4:25 - 32


Expository Preaching Case Study: 1 Corinthians overview


Three Outline Exercise: Luke 5:1 - 16


Preacher, Audience, and Text Interaction





Bible Study Tools for Personal Study

for going deeper into the meaning

of biblical narrative and poetry, especially


The Art of Biblical Narrative:  A Case Study on Luke 5:1 - 16


The Art of Biblical Narrative:  A Case Study on Luke-Acts


Reconciling the Gospels:  The Legion Demoniac - An Application of the Literary Methodology





Selecting Illustrations, Analogies, Stories

for selecting stories to fit your point


"Jesus Lays Down His Life" (Tim Catchim, Jul 28, 2018) used a short 3 minute clip from the movie John Q, about a father laying his life down for his son


For the Atonement


For Evil and Human Nature's Corruption and more





How to Motivate People

languages of motivation and how to use them -

why homiletics must rest on an ethical and theological foundation


Does God Sound Like an Asian Parent? 

What Language of Motivation Does He Use? 

an NHI blog post, Oct 12, 2015


Paul's Language of Motivation: Union with Christ in Pastoral Perspective

a series of reflections starting from Romans 6:1 - 11





Useful Paradigms to Use While Preaching

when you preach in order to train others

in practical skills


Why is Jesus Good News? short training


Why is Jesus Good News?


New Humanity Diagram


Christian Spiritual Development Based on the Gospels:  A Diagram for Personal Growth


A Practical Framework for Reconciliation

Sample Sermons


Evangelistic Sermons

examples of how the healing atonement theology

speaks to Christians and non-Christians alike


(shorter presentation; 50 - 60 minutes)

Tolkien was writing an equivalent to an "Old Testament" which he thought existed among the Angles (English) before Christian faith was preached to them.  There is also a longer 2 hour presentation that I broke up into four files:  part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4


(40 minute presentation)

A fun exploration of J.K. Rowling's reliance on Christian motifs and the biblical plot arc


(45 - 60 minute presentation)

A fun exploration of the movie as social commentary, reliance on actual history affected by Christian faith, and concepts of good and evil which are ultimately theological


Jesus, the Problem of Evil, and the Healing of Human Nature (video)


The Role of Jesus in Revolution and the Pursuit of Justice


The Impact of Jesus (and ppts)


Sex and Social Justice:  Does the Christian View of Sex Make Any Sense?


The God You've Already Experienced:  Weird Coincidences, Supernatural Events, Funny Feelings


Where is God in Pain, Especially Mine?


The Jesus Story vs. Other Messianic Stories


The Happy Ending:  Will It Happen to Me?  To Us?


Desires, Beliefs, and How We Know Truth


Santa v. Jesus (and ppts)




Wedding Sermons

weaving the narrative of the couple's love story

into the story of Jesus' love for us


Alex & Susan, John 2:1 - 11


Amy & Phil, John 2:1 - 11


Charisa & Peter, Revelation 19:6 - 9


Johanna & Nick, Revelation 19:6 - 9





Topics Relevant for Church Community Life

sermons on commonly preached topics


Sex, Love, Dating, and Marriage:  The Song of Songs in Five Acts


Singleness and Ministry: 1 Corinthians 7:17 - 40


Friendship for a Healthy Culture of Dating:  Ephesians 4:25 - 32


The Holy Spirit: An Introduction, Three Aspects of Salvation (and ppt)


The Holy Spirit: His Gifts (ppt)


The Holy Spirit: The Spirit of Power and the Demons of Old (ppt)


The Holy Spirit: The Spirit of Truth and Our Enemy the Liar

Videos of Sermons





Go and Do Likewise:

Racial Reconciliation & Loving Our Neighbor

@Grace Christian Church Waltham (Feb 2017)



(Dishon Mills, Feb 5, 2017) on Luke 10:25 - 37


An African-American Perspective

(Afrika Mills, Feb 12, 2017)


An Asian-American Perspective (ppt)

(Mako Nagasawa, Feb 19, 2017)


A White American Perspective

(Eddie Lowe, Feb 26, 2017)