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The Church of Saint George, one of the eleven churches hewn out of stone, in Lalibela, Ethiopia.  It was built in the late 12th or early 13th century.  Ethiopian Christian artwork also has a long and impressive history.

Formerly, the Holy Trinity German Catholic Church in Boston's South End.  Currently, a condominium complex.  This is an architectural parable of Western post-Christian culture.  Often, a culture comes to inhabit a formerly Christian community, even when only a shell remains.  Nevertheless, the shell has a particular shape.

Conversation Stations


Is Religion Just a Cultural Thing? (and instructions)


The Bible Gospel, Guide, or Garbage?


Who Do You Think Wrote This? (and instructions)


How Much of an Atheist Are You? (and instructions)


Your Body: Does it Have a Purpose? (and instructions


What Are You Here for Anyway? (and instructions)


Is a Good Friend Hard to Find? (and instructions and conversation tree)


Find Your Heart's Desire? (and instructions and theological essay)


Race What's the Problem? (and instructions) 

Race What's the Problem? (brochure version)


Whose Justice? (and instructions and talk on Christian Restorative Justice)

Whose Justice? (Harvard Law School version)


What Can We Do About Evil? (and instructions and conversation tree)

What Can We Do About Evil? (brochure version)


What Story Do You Live In? (and associated message)


Does the Good Outweigh the Bad? (and instructions)


How Much Truth is in Harry Potter?

The Church Redeeming Culture,

Not Just Individuals





Why Missiology and a Theology of Culture Must Come Before Ecclesiology (TBD)


Why Are We Three Fellowships at Harvard?

A presentation explaining culture and mission from my time as an InterVarsity campus staff at Harvard


Why Penal Substitution Damages Asian-Americans:

How Medical Substitution From the Nicene Period Heals


Ethnicity, Culture, and Christian Faith: 

A Paradigm and a Questionnaire


Race:  Can Faith Help? -

Has Christian Multiculturalism Failed? (1 Corinthians 9:19 - 22) 

message 1 at a retreat


Race:  Can Faith Help? -

Learning to See Oppression (Intro to Luke 19:1 - 10) 

message 2 at a retreat


Race:  Can Faith Help? -

Racism, Wealth, and Power (Luke 19:1 - 10) 

message 3 at a retreat


Race:  Can Faith Help? -

Jesus' One New Humanity (Ephesians 2:14 - 16) 

message 4 at a retreat


Jesus Trains the Disciples in Cross-Cultural Mission

(small group leader notes on Matthew 14 - 18)


The Council of Nicaea, the Origin of "the Trinity," and the Limitations of Human Language 

on the linguistic and logical dimension of how theological language works


The Council of Nicaea, the Origin of "the Trinity," and the Role of Political Power 

on the political history of the Council of Nicaea in 325 AD, and its later political significance