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What Story Do You Live In? (and associated message)

Helpful Resources on Stories of the Church


Charlotte and Denis Plimmer, JRR Tolkien: "I Never Expected a Money Success" (Telegraph UK, Mar 22, 1968 reprinted Oct 21, 2015)


Philip Norman, The Prevalence of Hobbits (NY Times, Jan 15, 1967)


Philip Yancey, Soul Survivor:  How Thirteen Unlikely Mentors Help My Faith Survive the Church (book, 2003)


Rod Dreher, The Little Way of Ruthie Leming: A Southern Girl, a Small Town, and the Secret of a Good Life (Amazon book, 2013)


Dan Graves, Lutherans Honor Gregory of Nyssa (, May 2007)


Joerg Rieger and Kwok Pui-Lan, Occupy Religion: The Theology of the Multitudes (book, 2012)


Charles McGrath, How Many Stephen Colberts Are There? (NY Times, Jan 4, 2012)


Mark Wahlberg, Faith Story (video, Jan 16, 2012)


Timothy C. Morgan, God's Double Agent: Bob Fu, former head of China Aid (Christianity Today, Sep 13, 2012)


Haroon Siddiqui, Christian Priest Bears Witness to Syrian Bloodbath (The Star, Jul 25, 2012)


Jeffrey Wright, A Unique Teacher Imparts Real Life Lessons (NY Times youtube video, Dec 28, 2012)


Meghan Irons, TenPoint Coalition Leader to Depart (Boston Globe, Jan 25, 2013)


John Green, 35 Facts About Mr. Fred Rogers (Mental Floss youtube, Mar 20, 2013)


Jenny Trinitapoli and Alexander Weinreb, Good News on AIDS in Africa (Slate, Mar 27, 2013)


Natalie Brumfield, Korean Pastor Fights Epidemic of Abandoned Babies With Anonymous 'Baby Box' (LifeSite News, May 28, 2013)


Bono, Family, Faith, and Activism for the Poor (video, Jun 2013)


Billy Hallowell, ‘Lord of the Rings’ Actor Opens Up About His Christian Faith (The Blaze, Aug 7, 2013)


Krista Tippett, Jean Vanier - The Wisdom of Tenderness: Lived Compassion, L'Arche, and Becoming Human (On Being, Aug 22, 2013)


T.C. Moore, Guns Don't Stop Killers, People Stop Killers: Love, Shared Stories, and the Power of the Holy Spirit (Theological Graffiti blog, Aug 23, 2013)


Sarah Pulliam Bailey, Rick Warren Gets Backlash from Asian American Christians for Posting Photo (Religion News Service, Sep 25, 2013)


Ray Downs, Using Christianity to Fight Crime (The Atlantic, Sep 27, 2013)


Eric Eckholm, Bible College Helps Some at Louisiana State Prison Find Peace (Oct 5, 2013)


Richard Marosi, Sister Antonia Brenner Dies at 86; Nun Moved to Tijuana Prison to Tend to Inmates (Los Angeles Times, Oct 17, 2013)


Heather Somerville, Gawker: Identity of @TipsforJesus is Former PayPal Exec Jack Selby (Dec 4, 2013)


Ivan Paz, Engaging Gang Culture Theologically (blog, Dec 22, 2013)


A.N. Wilson, It's the Gospel Truth - So Take It or Leave It (Telegraph, Dec 25, 2013)


Malcolm Gladwell, How I Rediscovered Faith (Relevant Magazine, Jan/Feb 2014)


Chris Rogers and Marshall Corwin, Inside North Korea's Western-Funded University (BBC News, Feb 2, 2014)


Eve Tushnet, Coming Out Christian: How Faithful Homosexuals Are Transforming Our Churches (The American Conservative, Jan 29, 2014)


Meghan Irons, Former Boston Crime Rivals Offer Lasting Lesson (Boston Globe, Feb 24, 2014)


Timothy Morgan, Ukraine Names Baptist Pastor as Acting President (Christianity Today, Feb 24, 2014)


Maia Mikhaluk, A Divided Ukraine? Think Again (CNN, Mar 4, 2014)


Michael Luo, A Believer's Journey Through the New York Times (youtube, Mar 14, 2014)


James Carden, Look to Solidarity, Not Sudetenland (The American Conservative, Mar 14, 2014)


Noam Chomsky on Pope Francis I (video, Apr 10, 2013)


Dan Blazer, What Faith Communities Can Teach Psychiatrists About Depression (youtube video, Apr 13, 2014)


Jesse Carey, 6 Times Stephen Colbert Got Serious About Faith (Relevant magazine, Apr 14, 2014)


China Headed to Become World's Most Christian Nation (Shanghaiist, Apr 21, 2014)


Timothy C. Morgan, Why Muslims Are Becoming the Best Evangelists (Christianity Today, Apr 22, 2014)


Associated Press, Father, Son Identified As Afghan Hospital Attack Victims (CBS News, Apr 26, 2014)


Jesse Carey, 6 Unexpected Faith Conversations from Pop Culture (Relevant Magazine, May 6, 2014)


Lyle Moran, An Answered Prayer at Place of Promise Treatment Homes in Lowell (Lowell Sun, May 14, 2014) 


Khalid Abdel Azizi, Mariam Yahya Ibrahim, Sudanese Woman, May Face Death for Choosing Christianity Over Islam (Huffington Post, May 15, 2014)


Mark Ellis, Missionary Died Thinking He Was a Failure; 84 Years Later Thriving Churches Found Hidden in the Jungle (God Reports, May 19, 2014)


Denzel Washington: 'Put Your Shoes Under the Bed at Night So You Gotta Get on Your Knees in the Morning' (video, May 28, 2014)


John Strudel, Comfortable in His Own Skin (FCA, Jun 25, 2014)


Katie Yoder, Shhh... Tim Howard's a Christian (News Busters, Jul 2, 2014)


Maureen Farrell, How it Feels to Love and Hate a Sex Offender (Christianity Today, Jul 2014)


Lawrence Lanahan, Downwardly Mobile for Jesus (Alzajeera, Jul 6, 2014)


Yasmine Hafiz, The Moon Communion Of Buzz Aldrin That NASA Didn't Want To Broadcast (Huffington Post, Jul 19, 2014)


Daniel Silas Adamson, The Christian Family Refusing to Give Up Its Bethlehem Hill Farm (BBC News, Jun 17, 2014)


Albert Mohler, Are Christian Missionaries Narcissistic Idiots? - A Response to Ann Coulter (blog, Aug 7, 2014)


Don Croner, Mor Gabriel Monastery in Turkey (blog, Aug 9, 2014)


Dr. Salim Munayer, Interview (video, Aug 2014) on reconciliation between Israelis and Palestinians


Nicholas Kristof, Sister Acts (NY Times, Aug 16, 2014)


Bruce Wydick, The Taste of Many Mountains (Amazon book, Aug 2014) about the global coffee trade and Christians working for change


David McKay Wilson, James Foley: Beheading Victim Had Deep Faith (USA Today, Aug 24, 2014)


Paul Smith, Typewriter Artist (11 min video, Aug 24, 2008) and Today Christian 5 min video


William Federer, Syria - From Beginning to End? (blog, Sep 2014)


Brian Palmer, In Medicine We Trust: Should we worry that so many of the doctors treating Ebola in Africa are missionaries? (Slate, Oct 2, 2014)


Tiffany Willis, Meet The Preacher’s Wife Who Is Converting Evangelical Christians To Science (Liberal America, Oct 2, 2014)


Donald G. McNeil Jr., The Malaria Fighter (NY Times, Oct 20, 2014)


Shawn Schuster, Dallas Nurse Nina Pham is Ebola Free, Credits Faith in God and Power of Prayer for Her Healing (Gospel Herald, Oct 24, 2014)


Kim Campbell, 'Thank You, Heavenly Father': Faith, Alzheimer's and my husband Glen Campbell (Fox News, Oct 24, 2014)


Charles Wookey, The Future of Business Lies in People, not Profit (The Guardian, Oct 27, 2014) and Blueprint for Better Business (website)


Nathan Smith, What Open Borders Can Learn from the Abolition of Slavery (Open Borders, Oct 29, 2014)


Jennifer Ngo, Religion on the Occupy Central front line puts faith into practice (South China Morning Post, Oct 30, 2014)


Pastor J. John, How to Explain What You Do When You're a Pastor (TBN Trinity Broadcasting Network video, Nov 13, 2014)


Rod Dreher, The Unevangelized Continent? (The American Conservative, Nov 14, 2014)


Kieran Corcoran, From Half-Time to Harvest: How NFL Center Gave up $37 Million Football Contract to Farm Cucumbers and Sweet Potatoes (Mail Online, Nov 15, 2014)


Jim Davis, CBS Loves NFL Veteran's Potato Farm; His Christian Beliefs, Not So Much (Get Religion, Nov 17, 2014)


Romania Insider, Who is Klaus Iohannis, Romania’s new president? (Romania Insider, Nov 17, 2014)


Samuel Smith, Tim Tebow Announces Opening of His New Children's Hospital in the Philippines; Will Provide Service to Poor Children (Christian Post, Dec 18, 2014)


Billy Hallowell, Heartbreaking Detail Revealed About What Murdered NYPD Cop Was Supposed to Do the Day He Died (The Blaze, Dec 22, 2014)


The Economist, Chronicle of a Papacy Foretold (The Economist, Dec 20, 2014) a review of Austen Iverleigh's book The Great Reformer: Francis and the Making of a Radical Pope


Antonia Blumberg, Honoring 100 Years After The WWI 1914 Christmas Truce In Our Own Time Of War (Huffington Post, Dec 24, 2014)


Timothy C. Morgan, Kenji Goto, Christian Journalist, Beheaded by Islamic State (Christianity Today, Jan 30, 2015)


Reggie Ugwu, The Radical Christianity of Kendrick Lamar (Buzz Feed, Feb 3, 2015)


Rowan Williams, How Christianity's Eastern History Has Been Forgotten (BBC News, Feb 9, 2015)


Mueller Family, Letter from Kayla Mueller in ISIS Captivity (Huffington Post, Feb 10, 2015)


Eleanor Goldberg, Kayla Mueller, American Woman Killed By ISIS, Helped Homeless Women, HIV Patients, War Victims (Huffington Post, Feb 10, 2015)


Billy Hallowell, These 15 Journal Posts by This Dying Pastor Might Just Leave You Standing on Holy Ground (The Blaze, Feb 13, 2015)


Jim Daly, What the Media Isn't Reporting On ISIS' Beheading of 21 Christian Men (Daly Focus blog, Feb 18, 2015)


Mark Woods, Brother of Slain Coptic Christians Thanks ISIS For Including Their Words of Faith in Murder Video (Christian Today, Feb 18, 2015)


Carla Herreira, Restaurant In Hawaii Offers Fresh Start For Former Prostitutes, Convicts, Others Who Need A Hand (Huffington Post, Feb 28, 2015)


Inquisitr, Seed Restaurant: Hawaiian Eatery’s Mission Is To Provide A Second Chance For Homeless, Prostitutes, And Convicts (Inquisitr, Mar 2, 2015)


Sharon Chin, Oakland Pediatrician Helps Refugees Navigate New Culture (CBS SF Bay Area, Mar 11, 2015)


Tom Doyle, Underground Christian Movement Building in Mideast (Fox News, Mar 12, 2015)


Zaid Jilani, Christian Chaplain Fired for Preaching Compassion and Love Over Violence of American Sniper (AlterNet, Mar 2015)


David Gelernter, Why Should a Jew Care Whether Christianity Lives or Dies? (First Things, Mar 24, 2015)


Nicholas Kristof, A Little Respect for Dr. Foster (NY Times, Mar 28, 2015)


Garry Wills, The Pope is a Christian! (The New York Review of Books, Mar 29, 2015)


Sohrab Ahmari, The Gift of Living With the Not Gifted - Jean Vanier and L'Arche (Wall Street Journal, Apr 3, 2015)


Brittni Ruiz, Jesus Loves Porn Stars (XXX Church video, 2015)


Allison Manning, Why Boston Isn't Baltimore - and Why It Could Be (Boston Globe, Apr 28, 2015)


Father Gregory Boyle, The Problem with Good Guys vs. Bad Guys Policing (LA Times, Apr 30, 2015)


E.J. Dionne, A Senator's Faith and Humility (Washington Post, May 3, 2015)


Alexandra Svokos, Stephen Colbert Announces Major Gift To South Carolina Teachers (Huffington Post, May 7, 2015)


Stephen Curry, The Holy Spirit is Moving Through Our Locker Room (Charisma News, May 6, 2015)


Philip and Carol Zaleski, Oxford's Influential Inklings (Chronicle of Higher Education, May 8, 2015)


Rachael Lee, National AAPI Prayer Breakfast Allow for Corporate Intercession and Awareness on National and Global Issues (Christianity Daily, May 20, 2015)


Nik DeCosta-Klipa, How Preachers Cut Violence - By Not Preaching (Boston Globe, May 31, 2015)


Christian Good in Society, Impact on Modern Society (blog, May 28, 2015) and this post from Peter Enns (Patheos, Jun 1, 2015)


Nadia Sussman, Touch of Faith (NY Times, Jun 10, 2015)


NPO, They Told Chris Pratt to "Keep Jesus Off the Set", His Response Left Me Cheering (QPolitical, Jun 15, 2015)


Nicholas Kristof, He's Jesus Christ (NY Times, Jun 27, 2015) about Catholic missionary to Sudan Dr. Tom Catena


Nicholas Kristof, Jimmy Carter, His Legacy, and a Rabbit (NY Times, Jul 9, 2015)


QPolitical, This Reporter Wanted Him To Deny Jesus, Watch Bono Set Him Straight (QPolitical, date unknown)


Interview with Juliana Taimoorazy (Philos Project video, Jan 26, 2016)


Timothy C. Morgan, Melinda Gates: ‘I’m Living Out My Faith in Action’ (Christianity Today, Jul 28, 2015)


Sean Salai, S.J., God Chooses the Despised: An Interview with 2015 Templeton Prize Laureate Jean Vanier (America National Catholic Review, Aug 5, 2015)


Nancy French, Chris Pratt Says No to Sex Scenes Due to His Faith (Patheos, Aug 15, 2015)


Dominic Midgley, China's Love for Chariots of Fire Hero Eric Liddell (Express UK, Aug 19, 2015)


Susan Donaldson James, Lizzie Velasquez: 'Ugliest woman' Video Changed My Life for the Better (Today, Aug 31, 2015)


Rowan Williams, Pope for the Masses: Is Francis Really the People's Champion? (New Statesman, Sep 2015)


James Parker, How J.R.R. Tolkien and C.S. Lewis Revived Modern Myth-Telling (The Atlantic, Sep 2015)


Melissa Chan, Oregon Cop Who Turned in Racist Police Chief for Dancing Like Monkey After Black Woman's Complaint Gets Death Threats (NY Daily News, Sep 9, 2015)


Hanna Kozlowska, Pope Warns Churches to Take In Refugees - Or Else (Quartz, Sep 16, 2015)


Vision San Diego (website): a cooperative effort by San Diego churches to help every student graduate from high school


BeliefNet, 8 Bands You Didn't Realize Were Christian (BeliefNet)


CBS News, Why In-N-Out Will "Never" Franchise or Go Public (CBS News, Sep 18, 2015)


Maggie Koerth-Baker, There's a Reliable Therapy for Sex Offenders -- But Nobody Wants Them to Get It (Gizmodo, Oct 1, 2015) about a Mennonite pastor


Brad Harrison, Louisville Man Goes from Being Homeless to Owning Three Restaurants (Urban Reporter, Oct 19, 2015)


Partners in Health, Père Eddy, Haiti’s Patron Saint of Mental Health (Partners in Health, Oct 22, 2015)


David Daniels, Lecrae Ministers in Middle East as Christians Criticize Reach Records's Website for Not Being Unashamed (Rapzilla, Nov 12, 2015)


Jonathan Merritt, Saint Fred (The Atlantic, Nov 22, 2015) re: Fred Rogers, of Mister Rogers' Neighborhood, who was a Presbyterian minister


CBS Tampa Bay, Former Miss USA Dumps Tim Tebow Because He Wouldn't Have Sex with Her (CBS Tampa Bay News, Nov 27, 2015)


Arun Dev, She Ran Away from Bondage for Her Child, Got Brick Kiln Owner Arrested (Times of India, Nov 27, 2015) noting IJM's work


Amanda Froelich, 95-Year-Old Holocaust Survivor Funds Rescue Of 2,000 ISIS Victims (True Activist, Nov 30, 2015)


Peter Wehner, The Christmas Revolution (NY Times, Dec 25, 2015)


Terri Roberts, My Son Shot 10 Amish Girls In a Pennsylvania Schoolhouse (Woman's Day, 2015)


Greg Barnes, The Story Behind the Fayetteville Pastor Who Disarmed the New Year's Eve Gunman (Fay Observer, Jan 8, 2016) and Here & Now, N.C. Pastor Recalls Gunman Who Entered His Church On New Year’s Eve (NPR, Jan 27, 2016)


Ronald Osborn, The Scandalous Origins of Human Rights (Veritas Forum, Jan 15, 2016)


Bryan Stephenson, Washington National Cathedral sermon (youtube video, Feb 14, 2016) author of Just Mercy


Will Ripley, Mobster Turned Pastor Preaches to Former Yakuza in Japan (CNN, Feb 22, 2016)


Joseph Tkach, Beware Historical Revisionism (GCI, Mar 2, 2016)


Michael Martinez and Jacqueline Hurtado, Pope Replies to Letter from Juvenile Gang Member Jailed in Los Angeles (CNN, Mar 4, 2016)


Bradley J. Birzer, The Privilege of Little Words and Mighty Swords: Death, Love, Mystery, and Myth (The Fellowship of the King blog, Mar 8, 2016)


Anne Blue Wills, The Feminist Bushnell: A Review of Kristin Kobes Du Mez (Christian Century, Mar 24, 2016) about Katharine Bushnell, a Christian feminist


Jim Caviezel, testimony (Christus Rex, Mar 25, 2016)


RAZC, Tim Allen Shares The Heartbreaking Story That Lead To His Faith In Jesus (QPolitical, Mar 25, 2016)


Matthew Spence, I Was a Closeted Christian at the Pentagon (Washington Post, Apr 8, 2016)


James Addis, How a Texas Church Drove Out the Predatory Loan Industry (Christianity Today, Apr 2016)


Premier Christianity, 5 Authors You (Probably) Didn't Know Are Christians (Premier Christianity, May 2016)


Tim Stanley, British Christianity Isn't Dying. It's Sleeping. Evangelism Can Awaken It (Telegraph UK, May 28, 2016) notes the impact of Christianity in the past


David Garrison, Muslims Turning to Christ - A Global Phenomenon (Premier Christianity, Jun 2016)


RAZC, Just Before Steph’s Biggest Game, Ayesha Curry Stands For Her Faith (QPolitical, Jun 2, 2016)


RAZC, Bono Shares The Heartbreaking Story That Led To His Faith In Jesus Christ (QPolitical, June 11, 2016)


Jesse James DeConto, Camps Teach Kids to Put Their Faith Into Action (Religion News Service, Jul 5, 2016)


Jack Brubaker, Amish Ask for Forgiveness from Native Americans (Lancaster Online, Jul 29, 2016)


Akos Balogh, Have You Seen The Bizarre French Response To Islamic Terrorism? The Worldview That Revolutionised How Westerners Respond To Enemies. (Akos Balogh, Aug 1, 2016)


Jessilyn Justice, Holy Spirit Overtakes Olympic Runner Who Gave Up the Gold (Charisma News, Aug 18, 2016)


Marti Benedetti, Central Detroit Christian Slowly Rebuilds Houses, Commerce in a 24 Block Area of North Detroit (Crain's Detroit Business, Aug 21, 2016)


Colin Chan Redemer, Needed: Peter Clavers for the Long Work of Justice (Sojourners, Sep 9, 2016)


Priscilla Alvarez, The Conservative Churches Resettling Refugees (The Altantic, Sep 11, 2016) despite pushback from Republicans


Tom Holland, Why I Was Wrong About Christianity (New Statesman, Sep 14, 2016)


Amanda Wills, Sara Sidner and Mallory Simon, Why Charlotte Exploded and Tulsa Prayed (CNN Sep 22, 2016)


Andre Mitchell, Christians In China Face Further Persecution With Tougher Rules Effective This Month (Christian Today, Oct 2, 2016)


Veronica Lamb, Living With Trafficking Survivors: Veronica's Story (Kicking Ass Looking Pretty, Oct 3, 2016)


Matthew Bell, China's Atheist Leaders Issue Some Striking New Rules on Religion (PRI, Oct 12, 2016)


Robert Evans, 6 Things You Learn Living In (And Killing) A Cult (Cracked, Oct 24, 2016) about Worldwide Church of God / Grace Communion International


Matthew J. Tuininga, Why Calvin Had Good News for the Poor (The Gospel Coalition, Oct 26, 2016) his government policies in Geneva, and use of government funded deacons


Gary S. Shogren, Lady Apostle Lands in Jail! (Open Our Eyes Lord, Oct 29, 2016)


Julie Zauzmer, As Donald Trump Railed Against Refugees, a Pastor Made His Life Among Them (Washington Post, Nov 23, 2016)


Justin Taylor, A Woman of Whom the World Was Not Worthy: Helen Roseveare (The Gospel Coalition, Dec 7, 2016)


Frederic Heidemann, I Was an Atheist Until I Read "The Lord of the Rings" (Word on Fire, Dec 16, 2016)


39 Lessons from Saint John Chrysostom on Raising Children (Catalogue of St. Elisabeth Convent, Jan 5, 2017)


Michael Griego, Funny You Should Ask... (Biblical Viewpoint blog, Feb 3, 2017) re: Brian Martin, entrepreneur who founded Lazarus Effect, a medical device company, from a vision


David Kithcart, St. Valentine, the Real Story (CBN, Feb 14, 2017)


Tess Kalinowski, A Family Bid $150K Under the Highest Offer on an Oakville Home and Still Got the Sale. The Reason Why Will Leave You Heartened (The Star, Mar 30, 2017)


Fox News, Muslim Converts Breathe New Life Into Europe's Struggling Christian Churches (Fox News, Mar 21, 2017)


Grace Hwang Lynch, A Muslim Immigrant and a Christian Pastor Find Common Ground - and Try to Connect With Their Latino Neighbors, Too (PRI, Mar 31, 2017)


Dan Andros, Children of Man Murdered on Facebook Give Stunning Testimony During Anderson Cooper Interview (FaithWire, Apr 18, 2017)


Orthodox Church in America, Martyr Timothy the Reader and his wife in Egypt (OCA blog, May 3, 2017)


Hilary Goodfriend, Not Just Nuns (Jacobin Magazine, May 15, 2017) about Catholic activists assassinated in El Salvador for radicalism


Emily Jones, U2 Takes Jimmy Kimmel Audience to Church (Christian Broadcast Network, May 31, 2017) response to Manchester bombing


William Doino, Jr., Alvin Plantinga's Masterful Achievement (First Things, Jun 5, 2017)


BU Journalism, What Happened When One Woman Took 'Love Your Neighbor As Yourself' Literally (BU Journalism, Jun 30, 2017)


Stan Friedman, Covenanter Is First White NFL Player to Kneel During Anthem Prior to Game (Covenant Companion, Aug 22, 2017)


Laurel Wamsley, Lee Relative Who Denounced White Supremacy Resigns As Pastor Of N.C. Church (NPR, Sep 5, 2017)


Abbott Tryphon, Leif Eriksson: The First Orthodox Christian in America (St. Elisabeth Convent, Nov 8, 2017)


Christian Legal Clinics Philadelphia, Seeking Justice (CLCP, Nov 28, 2017) a 3 minute video introducing CLCP

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