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A bound set of New Testament manuscripts.  Photo credit:  Atlantios, Creative Commons Zero. 

NHI Resources on the Framework for a Relational Vision:

Biblical Foundations for God's Creation Order


White American Evangelical Political Attitudes and Behavior: Explanation and Correctives

(Emmanuel Gospel Center, Apr 18, 2018) White American evangelical political attitudes can be characterized by the debate between John Winthrop and Roger Williams, and their respective attitudes towards Native Americans, slavery, fairness, and faith in the civic space.  This is a presentation also explores Scripture and church history to argue that Roger Williams was correct; audio file here


Relational Economic Justice

(The Christian Century, Apr 12, 2016) a short article introducing how Western Enlightenment political philosophy is faulty for starting from an individualistic standpoint


The Heart of Christian Restorative Justice in the Heart of God (ppts) (video)

(Eastern Nazarene College on Feb 6, 2013) a 35 minute chapel service talk highlighting the four types of justice


Four Types of Justice: Meritocratic, Distributive, Libertarian, Restorative - Which is Jesus' Definition?  an examination of the four types of justice from a biblical standpoint, and the personal dimension interpreting sin as obstruction of justice through the corruption of human nature, and Jesus as healing human nature in himself, and therefore establishing divine restorative justice


Christian Restorative Justice: Beyond Charity - God's Restorative Justice for Children and Families (ppts)

(Boston Chinese Evangelical Church, 2014) an introduction to Christian history elevating and protecting children; an examination of the four types of justice with regards to children's issues such as public education and health


Christian Restorative Justice: Financial Reform (ppts) (video)

(New Hope Fellowship Baltimore, MD, May 2015) a sermon exploring the biblical commands against interest rate lending, and important financial reforms that we need today


Christian Restorative Justice: Introduction and Application to Mass Incarceration and the New Jim Crow (ppts) (video)

(Reality San Francisco, May 9, 2016) an hour+ long presentation in two parts:  the four types of justice in Scripture; and connections to Michelle Alexander's book The New Jim Crow


Christian Restorative Justice: Introduction and Application to Mass Incarceration and the New Jim Crow (shorter version, ppts)


Christian Restorative Justice: The Urgency and the Possibilities (ppts) (Emmanuel Gospel Center, Jun 14, 2017) an introduction to the four types of justice, pointing to NHI curriculum in criminal justice and food/environment


Christian Restorative Justice in Anti-Trafficking, in Scripture, and Beyond (ppts) 

(International Christian Alliance on Prostitution / Route One Ministries Conference in Boston on Sep 12, 2018) a presentation given in a workshop explores recent application of restorative practices in the prosecuting of former traffickers.  It highlights what we can learn and apply in other fields, both in evangelism and social justice ministry, as well as in the interpretation of Scripture.


Christian Restorative Justice: Slavery in the Early Church (ppts)


Christian Restorative Justice: A Response to American Christian-Libertarian Syncretism (essay)


Whose Justice?  Post-Katrina New Orleans and the Four Types of Justice part 1 and part 2


What's More Important to God? Individual or Social Order? (and ppt)


Human Dignity: Does Every Individual Matter?


Slavery in Christianity, Part 1: Slavery in the Bible, Slavery Today (and ppt)


Slavery in Christianity, Part 2: Abolitionism from the First to Fifteenth Century


Slavery in Christianity - Worksheet


The Role of Jesus in Revolution and the Pursuit of Justice


The Impact of Jesus (and ppt)

about the role Christian faith played in history


Pearl Harbor and September 11th, 2001

Written Sep 16, 2001


The Creation Order and Jesus' Vision for Marriage: Matthew 19:1 - 12


Whose Family? Which Union?  Reflections on Scripture, Human Sexuality and God's Purposes


The Creation Order and Jesus' Ethic of Radical Sharing: Matthew 19:13 - 30 


very in-depth exegesis of Scripture using literary analysis


NHI Resources on the Framework for a Relational Vision:

Atonement and Eschatology as Vindication of the Creation Order and God's Restorative Character


Big Questions About God: Contrasting Early and High Federal Calvinist Theologies


Evil, the Christian God, and the Theology of Atonement


Hell as the Love of the Triune God (and ppt)


Hell as Fire and Darkness: Remembrance of Sinai as Covenant Rejection in Matthew's Gospel


Applications for a Relational Vision


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