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The George Peabody Library at Johns Hopkins University, the first American university to imitate the modern German university, avowedly secular and designed to produce technology for the state.  Photo credit:  Bestbudbrian, Creative Commons 4.0, Wikimedia Commons. 

Helpful Resources on the Secular University


Paul V. Mankowski, Why Universities Went Secular (First Things, Jan 1993) argues that sloth is the true cause


Jon H. Roberts, James Turner, The Sacred and Secular University (Amazon book, Mar 2000) argues that the study of science/technology and the humanities gave rise to the elective system and dethroned theology from its place in a Protestant framework of knowledge; but doesn't explore whether the Protestant theology itself contained the seeds of its own unmaking, from Augustinian irrationality in theology (absorbed by Luther and Calvin) to John Locke's view of creation as exploitable resource


Thomas Albert Howard, Protestant Theology and the Making of the Modern Germany University (pdf book, 2009)


Michael C. Legaspi, The Death of Scripture and the Rise of Biblical Studies (Amazon book, 2010) also engages with the rise of the German university; see also Father John Whiteford, Orthodox Biblical Interpretation and Protestant Biblical Scholarship (blog, July 27, 2018)


James O'Toole, Class Warfare: When Harvard Declared Its Distrust of the Boston College Degree, the Jesuits Claimed Religious Discrimination. They May Have Been Right, But There Was More to It (Boston College Magazine, Winter 2012) explains the historical perspective of Drew Faust, Scholarship and the Role of the University: Remarks at the Boston College Sesquicentennial (Harvard, Oct 10, 2012) and the shift to the German university model as freed from the classics


Rachel Alexander, Suspicions Confirmed: Academia Shutting Out Conservative Professors (Town Hall, Jun 10, 2013) although Jon A. Shields and Joshua M. Dunn, Sr., Forget What the Right Says: Academia Isn't So Bad for Conservative Professors (Washington Post, Mar 11, 2016)


Ray Williams, The Cult of Ignorance in the United States: Anti-Intellectualism and the Dumbing Down of America (Psychology Today, Jul 7, 2014)


Emily Yoffe, The Campus Rape Overcorrection (Slate, Dec 7, 2014)


Beth McMurtrie, Why Colleges Haven't Stopped Binge Drinking (NY Times, Dec 14, 2014)


Jonathan Chait, How the Language Police Are Perverting Liberalism (NY Magazine, Jan 27, 2015)


Miroslav Volf, Lower Education: Why Universities Must Not Ignore the Meaning of Life (ABC News, Apr 14, 2015)


Samuel Goldman, Can America Learn from German Universities? (The American Conservative, Jun 17, 2015)


Michael Lewis, Harvard Admissions Needs "Moneyball for Life" (NY Times, Jun 20, 2015)


Jonathan Chait, Not a Very P.C. Thing to Say (New York Magazine, Jan 27, 2015)


The Onion, Parents Dedicate New College Safe Space In Honor Of Daughter Who Felt Weird In Class Once (The Onion, Jul 15, 2015)


Julie Scelfo, Campus Suicide and the Pressure of Perfection (NY Times, Jul 27, 2015)


Veruska Cantelli and Flavio Rizzo, The New Paladins of the Humanities (Warscapes, Jul 28, 2015)


Michael Lind, Let's Abolish Social Science (The Smart Set from Drexel University, Aug 25, 2015)


Peter Gray, Declining Student Resilience: A Serious Problem for Colleges (Psychology Today, Sep 22, 2015) about student neediness


Greg Lukianoff and Jonathan Haidt, The Coddling of the American Mind (The Atlantic, Sep 2015) about students demanding protection from words and ideas they don't like


David Brooks, The Big University (NY Times, Oct 6, 2015)


Viviana Maymi, Here's How I Was Raped (Harvard Crimson, Oct 8, 2015)


Christina Cauterucci, Georgetown Students Want Their School to Pay a Novel Form of Reparations (Slate, Nov 13, 2015)


Ross Douthat, A Crisis Our Universities Deserve (NY Times, Nov 14, 2015)


Conor Friedersdorf, Brown University's $100 Million Inclusivity Plan (The Atlantic, Nov 24, 2015)


Fareed Zakaria, On College Campuses, Separate is Still Unequal (Washington Post, Nov 26, 2015)


Susan Svrluga, College President: "This is Not a Day Care. This Is a University!" (Washington Post, Nov 30, 2015)


Due Quach, Poor and Traumatized at Harvard (Medium, Jan 2, 2015)


Samuel Goldman, Why Isn't My Professor Conservative? (The American Conservative, Jan 7, 2016) a drop in right-wing faculty doesn't prove a rise in academic bias


Robert Frodeman & Adam Briggle, When Philosophy Lost Its Way (NY Times, Jan 11, 2016)


Kevin Carey, Academic Freedom Has Limits. Where They Are Isn't Always Clear. (Chronicle of Higher Education, Jan 15, 2016)


Robert Tracy McKenzie, Academic Freedom in a Christian Context (blog, Jan 18, 2016)


Catherine Rampell, Liberal Intolerance is on the Rise on America's College Campuses (Washington Post, Feb 11, 2016)


Conor Friedersdorf, Ohio State Turns the Concept of 'Safe Space' Against Student Protesters (The Atlantic, Apr 14, 2016)


Peter Berkowitz, Our Polarized Politics Are Tied to Flaws in Education (Real Clear Politics, May 6, 2016)


Nicholas Kristof, A Confession of Liberal Intolerance (NY Times, May 7, 2016) although Gina Neff, The Lie of Liberal Intolerance on Campus (Medium, May 9, 2016) is worth noting, even if she only addresses hiring of professors as opposed to culture


Nik DeCosta-Klipa, Sex Abuse at New England Schools is Widespread (Boston Globe, May 8, 2016)


The New Criterion, Safe from Safe Spaces - One the Rare Good Sense of a College Administrator (The New Criterion, May 2016)


Nicholas Kristof, The Liberal Blind Spot (NY Times, May 28, 2016)


Nathan Heller, The Big Uneasy: What's Roiling the Liberal Arts Campus? (The New Yorker, May 30, 2016)


Jonathan A. Cole, The Chilling Effect of Fear at America's Colleges (The Atlantic, Jun 9, 2016)


Jonathan Haidt, The Tyranny of Social Justice Warriors (Liberty Pen, Jul 2, 2016) 12 minute youtube video


Rod Dreher, Peter Thiel Was Wrong (The American Conservative, Jul 27, 2016)


Anthony Berteaux, In the Safe Spaces on Campus, No Jews Allowed (Washington Post, Sep 15, 2016)


Conor Friedersdorf, A College is a Community But Not a Home (The Atlantic, Sep 24, 2016) relates to Nancy Abelmann, The Intimate University: Korean American Students and the Problems of Segregation (Amazon book, Nov 20, 2009)


Jonathan Haidt, Two Incompatible Sacred Values in American Universities (Duke University, Oct 15, 2016) 60 minute lecture


Rod Dreher, Tony Esolen Contra Mundum (The American Conservative, Nov 1, 2016)


Alexandra DeSanctis, On Campus, Salvaging Love from the Ruins (National Review, Nov 3, 2016)


Gene Callahan, How the Cultural Marxists Failed by Winning (The American Conservative, Nov 17, 2016)


Patrick J. Buchanan, Obama's World: Utopian Myth? (The American Conservative, Nov 18, 2016) on the resurgence of nationalism, and some positives


Ted Galen Carpenter, The Demise of Anti-War Liberals? (Cato Institute, Nov 18, 2016)


John Tierney, The Real War on Science: The Left Has Done Far More Than the Right to Set Back Progress (City Journal, Autumn 2016)


Pinkaj Mishra, Welcome to the Age of Anger (The Guardian, Dec 8, 2016) liberal democracies trending towards authoritarianism; liberal rationalism has difficulties explaining this


Nicholas Kristof, The Dangers of Echo Chambers on Campus (NY Times, Dec 10, 2016)


The Young Turks, The Democratic Party Takeover Has Begun (The Young Turks, Jan 23, 2017) about corporate money paying for a weak Democratic Party


Conor Friedersdorf, The Book That Predicted Trumpís Rise Offers the Left a Roadmap for Defeating Him (The Atlantic, Jul 6, 2017)


Damon Linker, The Real Reason There Are Fewer Conservatives On Campus (The Week, Aug 2, 2017) also commenting on the drop in right-wing faculty not being a rise in academic bias


Caroline Kitchener, How Campus Assault Became So Politicized (The Atlantic, Sep 22, 2017)


Christian Smith, Higher Education Is Drowning in BS (Chronicle of Higher Education, Jan 9, 2018)


Alison Gopnik, When Truth and Reason Are No Longer Enough (The Atlantic, Apr 2018) In his new book, Steven Pinker is curiously blind to the power and benefits of small-town values; an example of the enthrallment of the "new left" with secular liberalism rather than Christian liberalism


Yoram Hazony, The Dark Side of the Enlightenment (Wall Street Journal, Apr 6, 2018) Todayís advocates oversell the benefits of unfettered reason. They dismiss the contributions of tradition, religion and nationalism to human progress


Caitlin Flanagan, Mutually Nonconsensual Sex (The Atlantic, Jun 1, 2018) troubles with Title IX when alcohol is involved on both sides


Robert Chao Romero, Critical Race Theory in Christianity Part I: The Christian-Ethnic Studies Borderlands (blog, Sep 7, 2018) gives a very illuminating personal account of being a pastor, immigration lawyer, and professor teaching at UCLA in Ethnic Studies, as well as a good response to recent conservative evangelical denials that social justice is an organic and fundamental part of the Christian gospel message.


Renee Graham, The When It's OK to Be Black - Just Not Too Black (Boston Globe, Sep 14, 2018) colleges less likely to admit black students who express interest in racial justice


Ross Douthat, The Meritocracy Against Itself (NY Times, Oct 3, 2018) re: elite Ivy League students protesting Kavanaugh


Rod Dreher, Bartleby the Bigot (The American Conservative, Nov 9, 2018) about Isabella Chow at UC Berkeley and the vote over transgenderism


Claire Lehmann, Camille Paglia: Itís Time for a New Map of the Gender World (Quilette, Nov 10, 2018) and Jonathan V. Last, Camille Paglia: On Trump, Democrats, Transgenderism, and Islamist Terror (Weekly Standard, Jun 15, 2017)


Colleen Flaherty, Q&A Goes Horribly Wrong (Inside Higher Ed, Jan 7, 2019) re: the field of classics

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