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The Right: An Appreciation and Critique


Christian Restorative Justice in Politics - Critiquing the Right


White American Evangelical Political Attitudes and Behavior:

Explanation and Correctives

White American evangelical political attitudes can be characterized by the debate between John Winthrop and Roger Williams, and their respective attitudes towards Native Americans, slavery, fairness, and faith in the civic space.  This is a presentation also explores Scripture and church history to argue that Roger Williams was correct.  Given to the staff of Emmanuel Gospel Center, Apr 18, 2018, as a follow-up to how Christian restorative justice impacts ministry; audio file here


Human Dignity: Does Every Individual Matter?


 Christian Faith, Not Secularism, as the Basis for Political Pluralism and Economic Progressivism


Christian Ethics: Power, Organization and Authority


Christian Restorative Justice:  A Response to American Christian-Libertarian Syncretism


Christian Restorative Justice: Beyond Charity - God's Restorative Justice for Children and Families


The Arbitrariness and Falsehoods of Enlightenment Individualism (tbd)