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A mural of Moses lifting the bronze serpent (in Numbers 21) from All Saints Church in London, England.  Photo credit: Lawrence OP, Creative Commons; some cropping

Small Group Leader Notes

on the Book of Numbers


Numbers 1:1 - 4:49 God Organizes His People

Numbers 5:1 - 31

Renewal: The Purity of People and Marriage
Numbers 6:1 - 21 Renewal: The Symbolism of Hair and Head
Numbers 7:1 - 10:36

Renewal: Worship at the Portable Eden

Numbers 11:1 - 35 Unlearning the Fall: A Lesson in the Appetite
Numbers 12:1 - 16 Unlearning the Fall: A Lesson in Sisterhood
Numbers 13:1 - 15:45 Faith to Enter the New Garden Land
Numbers 16:1 - 17:13 You Will Eat with God in the Garden Land
Numbers 18:1 - 19:22

Cleansing the Sin-Bearers and Death-Touchers

Numbers 20:1 - 29 The Error of Moses
Numbers 21:1 - 35 The Cleansing from Snake Venom
Numbers 22:1 - 24:25 The Coming King Who Will Conquer the Serpent
Numbers 25:1 - 27:23 Egypt Redux: The Midianite Attack
Numbers 28:1 - 30:16 Holy Days and Human Word-Bearing Renewed
Numbers 31:1 - 32:42 Exodus Redux: Victory Over the Midianites
Numbers 33:1 - 36:13 Inheriting the New Garden Land

Notes and Essays on

the Book of Numbers


The Chiastic Structure of Numbers

and the Recapitulation of Exodus 1 - 18


Why Did God Choose a "Chosen People"? 

Why Not Just Skip Right to Jesus?


The Troubling Acts of God: 

Noah's Flood, Sodom and Gomorrah,

the Egyptian Firstborn, and the Canaanites


The Troubling Acts of God: 

The Destruction of the Canaanites (ppt part 1 and part 2)

Helpful Practical Tools on

the Book of Numbers


Theology of Work Project, What the Bible Says About Sustainability (Theology of Work Project, Apr 6, 2015) a reflection on Numbers 35


The Bible Project, Read Scripture: The Book of Numbers (The Bible Project, Feb 5, 2016) a 7 minute video