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Photograph of a painting by Daniel Bonnell, called The Baptism of the Christ.  It represents the beginning and the end of Christís ministry:  The Baptism relates to the Crucifixion because it represents a dying and rising.  The original is in Saint Georgeís Cathedral in Jerusalem.  This version hangs in a humble and small African-American Church in South Carolina.  Another version hangs in the Mayo Clinic entrance in Minnesota.  Daniel Bonnell teaches art to at-risk inner city high school students.

The Basics About Jesus


Why is Jesus Good News? short training


Why is Jesus Good News?


New Humanity Diagram


Messages on

the Person of Jesus



(shorter presentation; 50 - 60 minutes)

Tolkien was writing an equivalent to an "Old Testament" which he thought existed among the Angles (English) before Christian faith was preached to them.  There is also a longer 2 hour presentation that I broke up into four files:  part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4


(40 minute presentation)

A fun exploration of J.K. Rowling's reliance on Christian motifs and the biblical plot arc


(45 - 60 minute presentation)

A fun exploration of the movie as social commentary, reliance on actual history affected by Christian faith, and concepts of good and evil which are ultimately theological


God and the Problem of Human Evil: 

The Healing of Human Nature in Jesus


The Role of Jesus in Revolution and the Pursuit of Justice


The Impact of Jesus (and ppts)


The God You've Already Experienced: 

Weird Coincidences, Supernatural Events, Funny Feelings


The Resurrection of Jesus: 

Was it a Legend That Developed Over Time?


Human Dignity:  Does Every Human Being Matter?

Messages on

the Story of Jesus


The Jesus Story vs. Other Messianic Stories


The Happy Ending:  Will It Happen to Me?  To Us?


Where is God in Pain, Especially Mine?


Desires, Beliefs, and How We Know Truth


Sex and Social Justice: 

Does the Christian View of Sex Make Any Sense?


Does the Bible Have Evidence of Supernatural Design?

Atonement in Scripture

Practical Issue Series

(NHI blog)


#1: Does God Love Your Non-Christian Friend? 

(Aug 17, 2015)


#2: Does God Want to Undo All Human Evil?

Or Does He Require It To Exist? 

(Aug 18, 2015)


#3: Is God Partly Evil? 

(Aug 19, 2015)


#4: What About Hell? 

(Aug 20, 2015)


#5: Does God Value Every Person?

Does He Anchor Universal Human Dignity? 

(Aug 24, 2015)


#6: Is Retributive Justice the Highest Form of Justice?

The Impact of Atonement on Criminal Justice 

(Sep 9, 2015)


#7: Atonement, God's Character, and Economic Justice

(A Critique of Wayne Grudem) 

(Sep 14, 2015)


#8: How Penal Substitution Affects Your Student Loan Debt,

Mortgage Payments, and "Too Big to Fail" Banks

(A Critique of Tim Keller) 

(Sep 22, 2015)


#9: Does God Sound Like an Asian Parent? 

What Language of Motivation Does He Use? 

(Oct 12, 2015)

Atonement in Scripture

The Scapegoat Series

(NHI blog)


Donald Trump's Scapegoating

and the Myth of Retributive Justice

(Feb 12, 2016)

an introduction to Rene Girard's scapegoat theory


Donald Trump's Scapegoating

and the Scapegoating of the Black Community

(Feb 15, 2016)


What Lynching, Torture, and Scapegoating Have in Common:

Penal Substitution

(Feb 18, 2016)

on retributive impulses


Why Penal Substitution is a Gateway Drug

to Right-Wing Extremism

(Feb 22, 2016)

on God as sorting, not uniting, creation


Why Evangelicals Scapegoat Gays, Muslims, Etc.

(Feb 29, 2016)

on the sacrificial system in the Pentateuch


Why Trump and Cruz Are the Direct, Logical Result

of American Evangelical Theology

(Mar 6, 2016)

on Romans and the Sinai covenant


A Neuroscientific Reason for Why

Retributive Justice is from the Fall,

and Penal Substitution is Immature

(Apr 28, 2016)

on the Fall and the exile from the Garden